Future of learning.

Future of Work.

activating Gen-Z…

Social Impact <> Education

Developing global citizens, ensuring a sustainable future.

Z-School educates & empowers youth to find better answers to the problems they care about most. 

We empower Gen-Z to harness the unlimited power of

mobile + social + tech

not just to consume content but to

actively solve real world problems.

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Train youth to develop the mindsets & skillsets of engaged global citizens.



Connecting youth to the people & organizations with value-alignment.



Work on real-world projects to accelerate awareness & sustainability



What does Z-School do?

Our mixed media education platform engages youth to explore the issues, roles models & causes that most resonate with them.

We equip Gen-Z with an understanding of how exponential technologies work & how they can be used for good.

We train youth to use cutting edge tech, leverage social media & become impact difference makers.

We connect service-minded youth directly to socially responsible businesses & non-profits. 

We amplify the missions of our for-purpose partners with tools, strategies & Gen-Z interns with a passion for the cause.