Empowering Gen-Z To Activate

We Give Impact organizations

Platform + PlaymakerS

they Need to impact more


Z-School educates and empowers Gen-Z to activate on behalf of the positive influencers and impact organizations they care about most. 


We empower Gen-Z to

harness the unlimited power of

mobile + social + tech

not just to consume content

but to

actively solve real world problems

for the influencers and organizations

they care about most.

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Train Gen-Z to be skilled digital social activists



Connect to partner organization they care about most.



Produce digital content to accelerate awareness and sustainability


Get Inspired

Find A Positive Social Influencer To Support


About Us

We engage, educate, and empower Gen-Z to amplify the mission of the worlds most positive social influencers.

We use the unlimited power of digital to train-up young socially aware youth.

We connect our skilled Playmakers directly to the worlds most important influencers, socially responsible businesses, and non-profit foundations. 

By training our future activists with digital activation skills, we offer our impact partners a smarter path forward to further their mission an impact.

Every Playmakers is trained to use cutting edge tech, leverage social media, and are a productive digital impact team who can be Day 1 difference makers.