Video - What is Z-School?

Craig Vezina

Founder & Executive Director Z-School

Empowering Gen-Z to take real world action today.

At a moment of unprecedented social change, the gap has widened between Generation Z--the generation with the greatest stake in the future of the planet--and the opportunity to impact their communities and shape that future.

Harness | Direct | Activate

Helping this generation harness and direct their interests, passions, skills and purpose should be the fundamental aim of education.

Through learning to be self-confident, open-minded and adaptable life-long learners, Gen Z will become creative and empowered problem-solvers. This is critical for their individual growth. It is essential for the greater good.

Our Partners


We partner with educators, schools, NGO's and companies to bring even more opportunities for Gen-Z to help us move our planet forward. 

The Time is Now

We undertake this mission with a sense of great urgency. Gen Z is ready to step up and respond to the issues of the day and the life-altering decisions about their future.

With your help, we can tap the creative potential of engaged, committed teenagers to imagine and design their preferred future. 

Our Mission

Z-School intends to support this new generation of change-makers by offering them the tools and skills for successful problem-solving and social entrepreneurship.

The unique confluence of world events, democratization of technology and deep interconnectivity has opened a window that gives hundreds of millions of young people access to limitless resources.

Through an innovative blend of design thinking, project-based learning and entrepreneurial skill-building, Z-School’s resources + activism platform is designed to leverage these connections, optimize collaboration, invite peer to peer sharing of ideas and solutions, and facilitate access to subject-area experts and mentors.

We Are Team Z.

Craig, Rob, Thom, Dan, Elizabeth, and Tony,