Create the World You Want

Regardless of what stage in life you're in now, you have the power to reshape reality with your ideas & optimism.

Increase Awareness

We empower youth + partner non-profits to create more awareness & support for their organizations.

Amplify Impact

We accelerate an organizations’ ability to educate & engage supporters.

Increase awareness + Accelerate sustainability


Accelerating impact for Non-Profit partners

We train up your existing Gen-Z staff or just run it for you!


Custom Branded Youth Activism Training Academy

We use technology to empower organizations to amplify their supports biggest social media influencers.


Empower youth activists

Scale non-profit organizational impact

Increase Digital Donor Engagement

Powerful Social Impact Training

We empower digital natives to use their creativity for good.

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Digital Play Makers

Digital Play Makers is a series of self-directed short mobile micro-learning courses designed to help students master design thinking and social entrepreneurship skills.

Student learn to create social media campaigns that can be delivered by the worlds most important social media influencers.

Education Services

We offer programs to engage the next generation of impact activists.


Local Momentum Makers

Momentum Makers is a program for engaging students and training teachers in digital service learning.

Youth design & test solutions to a real-world problems using digital project based learning.

Participants learn about a local non-profit organization & build real world digital awareness & fundraising campaigns.

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Global Game Changers

Game Changers is a globally-oriented, project-based online curriculum.

Designed for youth & mentors in/out of school & powering non-profit sponsored programs

Focused on delivering real world digital powered solutions to create common good & sustainable development issues.

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Future Engineers

Design the Future are project-based learning design challenges offering an inquiry-based, service-oriented model.

Designed to help students develop actionable solutions to the problems they care most about.

Design challenges are global in scope & occur twice a year.