Empowering Youth Through Sports

Z-School "use the power of digital to amplify" our planets most respected youth sport ambassadors



Scaling Impact

Z-School's scales the impact leading youth sport ambassadors have in supporting parents, coaches, and youth.



Z-School spotlights the athletes, coaches, and organizations who invest in inspiring youth to succeed. We call them positive social influencers and we celebrate them.


Digital Megaphone

Z-School empowers our sports ambassadors with a state of the art digital "megaphone" with a Z-team to support their mission.


Digital Youth Academy

Z-School's grants youth sport ambassadors a free  youth sports academy. Z-School offers technology & marketing impact grants to youth sport ambassadors who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to youth.



Team Results

Z-School measures success by our ability to increase the reach, impact, and programs our youth sport ambassadors offer. We amplify a social impact ambassador ability to offer youth to excel in

School + Sport + Life


Virtual Ambassador Program

Pro Athletes | Coaches | Olympians

Join us in using your digital voice to help our youth.

Know an inspirational active or retired athlete, positive coach, olympian, or local community champion doing amazing work to inspire our youth?


Ambassador Benefits

Personal sport Citizen Academy

Youth Sports Citizen Digital Academy

Social Media Services

Z-Digital Internship Program


Sport Training

Hearth Safety

Digital Safety


Science | Tech | Engineering | Art | Math

Official Sports Partnerships

Through our partner Everfi, we offer the Official Youth Education Programs from NFL | MLB | NHL | NBA 


We knows its hard to run fundraisers. Ask us how we can help you raise more for your organization.

National Sponsorship Network

We know it’s difficult to get national sponsors. Let us do it for you.

Local SponsorshipS

We engage local sponsors on your behalf.

How It Works


1. Apply to become a Youth Sports Citizen Ambassador

2. Receive FREE personalized digital academy

3.  Z-actively promotes your academy

  • Produce sharable social media
  • Integrate w/ Website
  • Use Hashtags - #YouthSportsCitizen

4. Raise more money for your personal foundation / cause


Our curriculum has been create by the worlds leading growth mind set educators


Seek healthy challenges that stretch your abilities & comfort zone.


Sustained & consistent effort - is the cornerstone of becoming excellent at anything.


Own setbacks, shortcomings & failures as opportunities to learn & improve. 

Reframe Winning & Losing

Emphasize effort, progress, & Lessons Learned


Take in feedback, advice & criticism. 


Set clear goals, self-assess & refine them regularly.

Enroll Your Organization

Enroll your organization

Get your own youth sports citizen academy


Youth Sports Club

Little League | Pop Warner Football | Gymnastics


Youth Sports Training Center

High Performance Trainers | Sport Training Centers



Youth Sports Fundraising Organizations

Partner With Us

We offer powerful digital solutions designed for youth non-profits, professional sports leagues, professional teams, and national sports governing bodies. 

Pro Sports Team

Community Engagement Solutions

K-12 Outreach


Governing Body

Online Leadership Academy



League + Team + Player Platforms


The Pledge

Youth Sports Citizen Pledge

Z-Schools mission is to get 30 million youth playing sports to take our Youth Sports Citizen pledge


I will develop myself on and off the field.

I will learn about and serve my local community.

I will work to succeed at sport, school, and life.


I will be curious.

I will practice with purpose.

I will do the work needed to excel.

I will be a good teammate, schoolmate, and family member.

I will use screen time positively

I will take care of my mental + physical health.

I will be a person of character.

I will invest in myself each day.